Website update:

Menu functions / search and cross-platform compatibility.

Hi all. Hope this finds you well.

You’ve probably seen a few changes randomly appearing and then disappearing as you browse the pages.

Currently – the menu system is what we’re working on – to find the best way to present you with the content required!

The menu is being produced by two different plugins – and I’m aware of an issue on mobile devices which will show two ‘menu’ buttons – one doesn’t appear to do anything – this is simply a placeholder for a piece of code used to generate the menu. This will disappear over the next few days as the website is optimised for different platforms.

The next update will include social media buttons in the menu area, and hopefully you’ve already seen the search function – I’m just working on the way that the search is displayed to highlight the area of text which contains your search terms – but so far, it’s pretty accurate.

Please do keep sharing the website and please let me know if you notice any errors, omissions, or incorrect content.

I’ll provide another update in a few days when hopefully everything will be working as I’d like.

Take care,


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