CAFOD – Coronavirus response

‘Coronavirus is affecting CAFOD’s work and a new petition and a new emergency appeal was launched this week.

Please give, act and pray for all those affected by coronavirus overseas. Please visit this link for details of how CAFOD are combatting Coronavirus.

CAFOD staff member Kayode Akintola from the West Africa and Great Lakes team told us:

“I know this is a very worrying time for everyone around the world, but I have to tell you we are much more worried than you. I am sorry to say that, but we really do not have the health system to support this kind of pandemic. People are saying they have two choices – they go out to work and die of COVID-19, or they stay at home and die of hunger. These are very worrying times, but with the community involved, we refuse to be overwhelmed by the odds that are against us. We defeated Ebola, and we know that by the grace of God we are going to defeat COVID-19.”​

Kayode Akintola

CAFOD online talks and presentations
CAFOD is keen to share their work with us and the issues they consider important online. Watch Kayode Akintola here

This is also the link to CAFOD’s online children’s liturgy every Sunday at 10 am. It’s easy to register in advance.

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