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Co-ordinator: Anne Litherland

Our Common Home

2021 Update So Far

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It’s been a busy year so far for the Our Common Home Group with many of our parishioners sending in New Year Resolutions to protect the planet.

We’ve produced a New Year Resolutions Tree which is on display at the back of church.

It’s never too late to make a resolution! Perhaps think of resolutions through Lent, or CAFOD’s Family Fast Day

Our New Year Resolutions to protect the planet:

  • walk and cycle more, drive less
  • recycle more, waste less (many people)
  • walk rather than use my car / public transport (4 people)
  • support Fairtrade shopping
  • switch of the lights in rooms I am not using
  • do one climate change action every day
  • stop using bottled water (2 people)
  • have 2 meat-free days a week (3 people)
  • eat more vegetables
  • stop using clingfilm
  • use less plastic and no single-use plastic (2 people)
  • save water (3 people)
  • put out water and fat balls and seed for the birds (2 people)
  • fill my grey recycling bin
  • use low energy light bulbs
  • use central heating in moderation
  • avoid air travel as much as possible
  • plant trees / plant more (2 people)
  • look after my street by picking up litter (2) and helping with our common flower beds
  • buy a bamboo toothbrush
  • re-use my towel
  • not buy any new clothes or shoes for at least 6 months and, if possible, all year
  • change 2 gas fires for electric ones
  • use a bar of soap instead of handwash
  • swap plastic single-use razors for a metal holder and blades
  • monitor and reduce my mileage and have one motor-free day
  • re-use every single plastic bag I receive
  • turn things off when not in regular use eg the clock in the spare room
  • use only a teapot full of water in the kettle
  • use a steamer pan to cook both veg and potatoes on one light