Co-ordinator: Sheila Morrison

Mission includes the following ministries:

Contact – Val Ward

Our parish continues to support the work of CAFOD as it seeks to raise funds to Make Poverty History in our world. There are Family Fast Day collections twice a year and occasional collections in response to emergency aid requests.

We are very pleased to announce that we have received official confirmation endorsed by Bishop Declan Lang, of CAFOD confirming that our LiveSimply award journey has started.

Please view the blog post here for more information.

Please view the updated blog post here for more information.

‘Coronavirus is affecting CAFOD’s work and a new petition and a new emergency appeal was launched this week.

Please give, act and pray for all those affected by coronavirus overseas. Please visit this link for details of how CAFOD are combatting Coronavirus.

CAFOD staff member Kayode Akintola from the West Africa and Great Lakes team told us:

“I know this is a very worrying time for everyone around the world, but I have to tell you we are much more worried than you. I am sorry to say that, but we really do not have the health system to support this kind of pandemic. People are saying they have two choices – they go out to work and die of COVID-19, or they stay at home and die of hunger. These are very worrying times, but with the community involved, we refuse to be overwhelmed by the odds that are against us. We defeated Ebola, and we know that by the grace of God we are going to defeat COVID-19.”​

Kayode Akintola

CAFOD online talks and presentations
CAFOD is keen to share their work with us and the issues they consider important online. Watch Kayode Akintola here https://cafod.org.uk/Volunteer/Online-talks.

This is also the link to CAFOD’s online children’s liturgy every Sunday at 10 am. It’s easy to register in advance. ‘

Cards for Prisoners of Conscience:
Contact – Mick Brown

On the nearest Sunday to Human Rights Day (10th December), we join others in sending cards to a number of Prisoners of Conscience all over the world. These are people who are imprisoned for their peacefully held political or religious beliefs or prisoners who have suffered torture or inhumane treatment

Contact – Jill McNamee / Frank Nance

We are part of Wallasey Village Churches Together (WVCT) and work closely with our neighbouring Churches. We join together throughout the year for various services, courses, socials and productions. As a parish,we join in the WVCT Covenant, committing to working together with the other local Christian Churches. Fr Phil is also part of the local ministers fraternal, which meets regularly, usually for breakfast!

Fair-trade stall:
Contact – Anne Litherland

We run the Fair-trade stall at all the weekend Masses.  The stock is ordered from several suppliers, priced and brought to church.  We aim to offer goods as close to the purchase price as possible to ensure the best value for money. Any profit goes to CAFOD. We also order religious cards and Fair-trade Christmas cards and gifts, Easter eggs and any Fair-trade items requested. In addition, we provide goods for sale in our church schools and assist in the Lenten liturgy.

We mark Fair-trade Fortnight and are delighted to be a Fair-trade parish as tea and coffee provided at church meetings is Fair-trade. We aim to increase the use of Fair-trade products in the parish so any suggestions would be welcome.

You can visit our dedicated Fair-trade stall page here.

Friends of the Holy Land:
Contact – Peter Morris

Friends of the Holy Land (FHL) was launched in 2009 by the Bishops of England & Wales to help relieve the desperate plight of Christians in the Holy Land. Our objectives are:

  • to raise awareness of the urgent needs of the Christians in the region and to encourage prayers for them;
  • to help generate and provide financial support; and
  • promote pilgrimages to the Holy Land

MISSIO (former APF and Mill Hill Missions)
Contact Claire Hetherington 07948 727 504

Members of the parish agree to donate money for overseas missions. Historically this was done through the famous “Red Box” scheme, where collection boxes were distributed to homes and families, enabling them to build up their cash donations throughout the year.

In the current Covid-19 emergency Pope Francis made a special Appeal for financial support for the Church around the world which is struggling to cope with the effects of the virus. Pope Francis asked Missio to administer this appeal; they are proud to report that over £350,000 was raised in England & Wales alone.

However, as cash and bank branches gradually disappear from our daily lives, fewer of us collect enough cash to justify the effort of counting & banking the cash. We need to find better ways of funding Missio to carry on with it’s vital work.

Here at Holy Apostles & Martyrs, we encourage everyone who wishes to support Missio to donate by Direct Debit, Gift Aided if you’re a taxpayer, as this is a far more efficient way of raising much needed funds. Look out for Missio Direct Debit forms as you enter or leave Church, or ask your Local Secretary for one.

For more information – please click the following link

St. Mary’s Catholic College
Contact – Mick Brown

St Mary’s Catholic College

St. Mary’s Catholic College is our parish High School. and continues to build upon the work undertaken by our Catholic primary schools to develop the faith of our young people. St Mary’s works in partnership with our Parish.

All students study Religious Education up to GCSE level and follow a programme of study in the sixth form. Collective worship occurs daily in the morning and each year group has a weekly assembly. Students participate in Retreat Days and are given opportunities for Residential Retreat Experiences.

Students are given opportunities for active discipleship through Christmas shoebox appeals, SVP Hampers for disadvantaged families, Amnesty International, supporting CAFOD campaigns and Fair Trade, as well as a variety of fundraising events for charities.

A group of sixth form students and staff accompany the annual Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes

SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School
Contact – Bernie Brown

Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School is our parish primary school. Our mission statement, ‘To grow in knowledge and love and walk in the footsteps of Jesus‘ gives us direction each day and helps us to celebrate life to the full.

Throughout the school, we follow the Religious Education scheme ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life.’  Each class takes responsibility to prepare and present a class assembly throughout the year, linked to one of the units. As a whole school, we celebrate specific times of the Liturgical Year, such as Advent and Lent. Our year three pupils prepare for and receive the Sacraments of First Forgiveness and First Holy Communion during the year. This is a special time for families, the parish and the whole school community. In spiritual matters and throughout the Liturgical year, the whole school community is supported by Fr Phil. Our faith is at the heart of everything we do at Ss. Peter and Paul.

We encourage our pupils to take responsibility for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We have been involved in supporting CAFOD, Fairtrade, SVP, Claire House, Christmas shoebox appeals, Clatterbridge Hospital, Mission Together, World Gifts as well as developing links and supporting a number of schools, including Rwanda in Africa.